When you buy solar panels at Energy Smart PTY Ltd, there are various factors to look out for that make your investment pay off. Among the important criteria, type of photovoltaic panel, brand and specification are the most important.

In general, there are 3 major types of photovoltaic panels — portable, residential and commercial systems.

Portable photovoltaic panels are very small products that can supply low voltages (and limited power) to hand-held or portable gadgets. There are rollable solar chargers, foldable photovoltaic panels and small, thin-film panels. The type of photovoltaic panel to be used depends on your application.

Residential and commercial solar power generators are made using either crystalline silicon, thin-film or string-ribbon technology. They are much larger than portable solar panels and require inverters to convert direct current to alternating current. Alternating current is the type of power that is used by household appliances and commercial equipment.

Choosing a suitable brand is another major consideration. Purchasing from leading solar panel brands ensure that you have the service and advice that will most likely serve your needs. There is a better chance that larger companies are more able to provide timely repair and maintenance when you need it. This is because they are able to stock up spare parts and have more employees to see that work is done.

Here is a list of leading solar panels brand: BP Solar, Evergreen Solar, General Electric, AEE Solar, Kaneka, Mitsubishi Electric, Kyocera, Sanyo, SunWize, Suntech, Sharp and Uni-Solar.

Professionals in these companies can help you size your solar power system. With your average power consumption figures and number of sun hours at your location, they can determine the specifications you need for your solar panels and other related components.

Depending on your budget, you may be advised to install as many solar generators as is required to supply all your household electricity needs. Or you can install the solar panels in stages. Specifications for each option varies. You must purchase a product that fits your requirement so money is not spent unnecessarily.

Along with solar panels, other necessary components for a home solar power system are inverters, batteries and mounts. These, too, have different specifications and you’ll need to choose one that suits your need.

Another consideration when buying solar panels is the warranty period. This is not standardized across manufacturers. Therefore it’s important to ensure that the warranty period is much longer than the estimated payback period.

As you keep these points in mind, you are empowered to choose solar panels that truly serve your needs. The ideal solar power generator is able to produce cheap electricity for you for decades and put savings into your pocket year after year.